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1 box of soul red (15 count)

This overall health supplement was formulated with a five-tier benefit system. All-natural ingredients help to reduce the symptoms of inflammation, help maintain proper heart function, boost immunities, improve overall circulation, and provide long-lasting energy. Two ounces a day really will keep the doctor away.


With so many environmental factors affecting and attacking your body, we wanted to build something that could protect and sustain your body. soul red is formulated with power-packed seed oils that provide the proper nutrition to power your cells, maintain proper heart function, fight off oxidation, and so much more.

Each 2-oz packet of soul red not only tastes great, but holds the key to a healthy, fruitful life.

black cumin seed: One of the most widely-used seeds in the world. Its high antioxidant concentration and mineral profile, as well as chemical compounds make it a powerhouse that’s both scientifically and historically-backed.

red raspberry seed: Known for its robust phytonutrient profile, the raspberry seed has the power to fight oxidation and helps to reduce symptoms of inflammation.

chardonnay grape seed: If the fruit is healthy, the seed is even healthier. Each grape chardonnay seed contains antioxidants and other anti-aging compounds.

d-ribose: This energy source is typically created naturally within the body. But, we’ve added this compound to our SOUL RED ingredient deck to provide more cellular energy for better performance, replication, and recovery.


Shake. Tear off the Top. And Drink.

Take 1-2 packets each day.

how does soul red help your body?

We created soul red to be as benefit-heavy as possible. Its unique, synergistic profile allows it to improve overall health, fight against environmental oxidation, all while supporting your immune system. It also works to help you feel younger by helping to reduce inflammation, increasing your energy levels, and improving cellular function.


-Black Cumin Seed

-Red Raspberry Seed

-Grape Chardonnay Seed -D-Ribose


-Supports overall health

-Helps to reduce symptoms of inflammation

-Fights oxidation

-Supports immune function

-Increases natural energy

-Source of healthy amino acids and omegas

-Speeds up recovery



 SOUL Red features the red raspberry seed (a great source of antioxidants) and Black Cumin Seed Oil.



SOUL Red is not certified organic. But, rest assured, we do source all of our ingredients from the best, all-natural sources.


Does SOUL RED contain ingredients that could help a women’s menstruation cycle?

Many of the ingredients in Soul, Soul Red and Core, as well as in Bend and Pure have been known for hormone balance and hormone health so they should be helpful to women and menstruation.

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_red raspberry seed

Known for its high phytonutrient profile, the raspberry seed has the power to fight oxidation, reduce inflammation, and give the body high doses of vitamin C and D. Additionally, the red raspberry seed is full of ketones which stimulate your metabolism and assist with weight loss.

_grape chardonnay seed

Chardonnay Grapes are antioxidant powerhouses, but their seeds are another story. Each seed contains, per part, for more antioxidants, nutrients, vitamins, and minerals than the grapes they grow into. This means you’re getting more nutrients per sip of SOUL Red than you would from anything else.