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Our products at Rain International are manufactured at a top-of-the-line facility in the United States. With NSF (The Public Health and Safety Organization) certification, you can trust our products to be of the highest quality. In process testing and inspection is performed by cGMP standards. You can read about our NSF certification here.

We utilize a proven cold press method, where seeds are naturally pressed, to increase benefits. This method grinds seeds and gently extracts it’s oils and flours to make it more digestible for human consumption. This process uses all parts of the seed and is healthier, producing zero toxins, which is good for everyone.

Cold Press Image
The cold press process keeps seed nutrition intact and makes its benefits bioavailable. Both of our GMO-free products, Soul and Core, are processed this way.
Soul and Core

Soul is able to maintain all the essential nutrients and not lose any of its rich nutrients. Core also benefits from the cold press process maintaining all of the plants natural enzymes.

your body in balance and driving you to BECOME MORE of what to become. The packets are inspected and shipped with consistent perfection


Our products come vacuum-sealed in Innovative Flexpaks™ to preserve their nutrients naturally. These packs are securely tested to keep quality levels consistently higher than the competition. The facility that manufactures our products is one of the most advanced and efficient facilities in the US at 45,000 sq. ft. with a 250 million unit capacity. And here’s the best part, it’s located near our headquarters, giving us limitless capacity and quality control. Learn more here.


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