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Coffee is a deeply steeped element of our culture. Entire grocery store aisles are dedicated to an abundance of flavors, roasts, and brands of coffee. Businesses have coffee runs around noon everyday. Blind dates meet at coffee shops, then engage in awkward conversations to break the ice. It's the universal morning pick-me-up. So, we started thinking, since coffee is so ingrained in us and our culture, it may be time to take coffee and make it even better. We decided to enhance it the Rain way. We kept the same nostalgic flavor, but added so much substance that it really isn't just coffee anymore. It's now an infusion. We took a brand new, proprietary, four-seed oil blend and infused it into each cup of our gourmet coffee. The blend of seed oils had to be powerful enough to ensure that our coffee received the super-nutritious kick it needed to elevate your morning.We chose carefully. We formulated a balanced blend of grapefruit seed, grape seed, pomegranate seed, and black cumin seed. Each seed carries its own wealth of benefits and nutrients. By combining the four seed oils into each coffee bean, we've created a supercharged source of nutrition that takes your normal cup of coffee and turns it into a source of health and wellness.