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A wise man once told me that cranes were a sign of a booming economy. It makes sense: skyscrapers are never built during a recession. Likewise, within the world of business, the sign of growing company are new product launches: failing companies don’t throw money at new products.

Rain International is a booming company. Ever since our inception, we have been breaking barriers, disrupting the health world, and creating products that impact people’s lives and the market place. Soul came first: science discovered that seeds contain the essence of life, the power to nourish it, and the ability to empower us. With its antioxidant-heavy profile, its ability to replenish, and to strengthen immunity, Soul established Rain as a powerhouse.  

Seven years later and we’re still creating: a green-based product called Core, a joint formulation called Bend, a seed-power probiotic called Pure, and now, a reformulated, seed-based protein. 

Boasting a robust 20g of protein per serving, Rain has dubbed Form a healthy protein. Because of its seed and plant-based ingredient profile, the protein it provides is whey-free, and easily digestible. The ingredients also pack in fiber, natural BCAAs, other amino acids, and essential vitamins and minerals to aid muscular development. It gives you more than any other protein you’ve consumed before. 

Form first launched launched in Europe, and is now available* in a market near you.

*Not available in all markets. Check your Back Office. 


It’s no secret. Most people treat their body’s poorly. Some people even treat their bodies well. But, your cells still hate you. Here’s why: 

You’re not giving them the right/enough nutrition.

You probably eat badly. You probably eat badly often. Maybe you don’t eat badly and try to eat well, but it may not be enough. You see, your cells use the food you eat as fuel to function, replicate, heal, perform. If you give them the wrong stuff, they’ll be sluggish all the time. If you don’t feed them enough, they have nothing to work with. 

You’re not hydrating enough, or with the right stuff.

Cells live on water. In fact, they love it. Dehydration in cells is the number one cause of aging, wrinkles, and other bad stuff (that’s why dermatologists recommend you moisturize always). 

So, drink a lot of water. (not soda, sports drinks, or energy drinks. Those are filled with sugar, are bad for you, and your cells don’t respond well to them). Real water. Your cells will thank you for that, and you’ll feel better overall. (Although it varies, experts recommend drinking about 8 - 13 cups of water a day. Maybe more if you’re super active).

You may be overworking them.

Cells have a bedtime, just like you. Not really, but they need time to recoup and reenergize. If you work too hard and never give them anything to compensate for their overtime, you’re going to get some bad-performing cells. That will translate to soreness, muscle fatigue, and foggy brain function. Give them stuff like healthy fats, healthy carbs, and lean protein (and water. Remember the water).

Try this on for size.

Nutrition is better the closer you get to its source. The closer to the source you get, the more your cells like it, can use it, can get pumped up by it. We’ve formulated our products, with the help of our Scientific Advisory Board, to work with your cells, to boost their function, and to help your body work at its highest level.

Your body is a miracle, and the cells that do the dirty work don’t get enough credit, or support. Mix or tips in, along with daily consumption of seed nutrition, and you’ll find that your cells will start thanking you.