A wise man once told me that cranes were a sign of a booming economy. It makes sense: skyscrapers are never built during a recession. Likewise, within the world of business, the sign of growing company are new product launches: failing companies don’t throw money at new products.

Rain International is a booming company. Ever since our inception, we have been breaking barriers, disrupting the health world, and creating products that impact people’s lives and the market place. Soul came first: science discovered that seeds contain the essence of life, the power to nourish it, and the ability to empower us. With its antioxidant-heavy profile, its ability to replenish, and to strengthen immunity, Soul established Rain as a powerhouse.  

Seven years later and we’re still creating: a green-based product called Core, a joint formulation called Bend, a seed-power probiotic called Pure, and now, a reformulated, seed-based protein. 

Boasting a robust 20g of protein per serving, Rain has dubbed Form a healthy protein. Because of its seed and plant-based ingredient profile, the protein it provides is whey-free, and easily digestible. The ingredients also pack in fiber, natural BCAAs, other amino acids, and essential vitamins and minerals to aid muscular development. It gives you more than any other protein you’ve consumed before. 

Form first launched launched in Europe, and is now available* in a market near you.

*Not available in all markets. Check your Back Office.